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"Sometimes I just want to hear my mom’s voice and have her tell me that she loves me."

Minutes and Mileage Program

Approximately 75 - 80% of the women serving a sentence at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Oregon women’s prison, are mothers.

The Portia Project's "Minutes and Mileage" program helps connect minor children and their mothers. A $50 donation contributes a phone card or a gas card.

If you would like to mail a contribution, the address is:
The Portia Project
245 West 13th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Also, you can conveniently make your donation online here.

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Few Oregonians predicted that "tough on crime policies" - a crackdown on petty theft and drug-related crimes, would result in an explosion in the number of mothers being incarcerated - but it did. Approximately, 75 - 80% of the women at Coffee Creek are mothers, and the vast majority of these women are primary caregivers.

Did you know that a single phone call from prison requires a $50 cash deposit? This expense is beyond the reach of most inmates and therefore many children often have little hope of speaking to their mother while she is in prison. The Portia Project is the first – and only - organization in the state to help fill this void.

In order to help mothers and children maintain a familial bond, The Portia Project has introduced a program called "Minutes and Mileage." Every contribution of $50 purchases a phone card that enables a mother to call her children or their caretaker. She may be able to help her children with their homework or simply comfort them after a tough day. In other words, she can be a Mom.

Studies show that children who remain in contact with a primary caregiver who is temporarily in prison do better in school, and in relationships, and make healthier choices.

Additionally, providing legal support to women in Coffee Creek requires thousands of miles of statewide travel. Another option that our "Minutes and Mileage" program offers you is the opportunity to make a contribution of $50 for a gas card, which will help us to cover one of our major expenses.

Our advocacy is designed to maximize the social resources that are available to the mother as she works to rehabilitate herself during her incarceration.

General Counsel for The Portia Project, Ms. Saint Marie, regularly travels from Eugene to Coffee Creek to assist women with divorce petitions, child visitation arrangements, and other family law matters.

The Portia Project receives no government funding. All of our funding comes from individual contributions from people like you and occasional grants from private foundations. Your support today will go a long way to help mothers maintain relationships with their children.

We can prevent the cycle of incarceration.

Send contributions to The Portia Project at 245 W. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. You may note if your contribution should be used to fund "minutes" or "miles."

Please make a generous contribution today. Your fully tax-deductible donation of $50, $100, $500 or more will help Oregon families reunite, and heal, and will increase the chances that a new generation of children can make healthy choices.